Direct Seeded Beans and Transplanted Snow Peas

 seed inoculant rhizobiumWe picked the Gita and Red Noodle beans to grow in out plot. They are both long beans and require trellis to grow. But before planting the seed, our farm coach advised to inoculate the seeds first. I placed the seeds on separate bowls and added water just enough to cover the seeds. I put the specified amount of inoculant in the bowl and let it sit for at least a half hour. While waiting, I prepared the ground for seeding by digging a small trench on both sides of the trellis no more than an inch deep. Once the seeds were ready, I placed each seed in the trench with about three inches of spacing in between. I covered the seeds with the ground soil by hand and watered them thouroughly. I hope to see sprouts in less than week.

 snow peas on trellisThe snow peas which grow on vines were getting too tall in the nursery so it was time to transplant them. I had to make sure I didn’t disturb the root ball when removing the plants away from their trays. I used a popsicle stick to loosen the soil from the tray which made it easier to yank the plant away from the tray. Using a trowel I dug a hole in the spot next to the trellis deep enough to match the height of the root ball. I placed the plant in the middle if the hole and filled the space on the side with the same potting soil mix I used for seeding. The next step was emphasized by my instructor to not forget which is to cover the potting soil with the bed soil to prevent the root ball from drying. I pressed down on the ground around the plant to remove air pockets near the root ball. Watering thouroughly as a last step is also important to help the plant settle in to their new environment.

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