Let’s Begin with a Haiku

Who lives forever?
Remember when your time ends
Part of you transcends

What I Do

The soil is the foundation of nutrition for most living things. Composting helps recover food and green waste to turn them into valuable resources. Hot composting relies on microorganisms to break down organic matter. Finished compost containing humus and diverse microbes can amend dirt and turn it into nutrient-rich living soil.

In a school setting, a composting program teaches students the value of reducing waste, provides a learning space for ecology, and helps divert food waste from going into the landfill.

My role as a sustainability coordinator at Manoa Elementary School is to manage the resource recovery process and to integrate this process into classroom lessons. 

Vegetables are good for us. Many if not all of our nutritional needs can be met by eating responsibly grown vegetables. Once I understood the importance of having good soil to support plant life, my motivation to grow vegetables increased a hundredfold. Growing healthy vegetables translates to healthy humans who consume them.

Using the compost we process on the campus, I plan to create a small school farm.

Purpose and happiness mean differently to others. For me, life with purpose means helping others achieve their goals. Lately, I’ve been applying my actions to helping the causes I truly believe move towards their destination. And having an effective online presence is key to raising awareness.

I built and maintain the website for Windward Zero Waste School Hui founded by Mindy Jaffe. I designed the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (HURT) with e-commerce to support their trail running events on the island of O’ahu.